Major-General Anthony Wayne is the ghost of a famous general who tried to invade Canada during the Revolutionary War.


After failing to invade Canada, General Wayne was posted in Detroit just before he succumbed to gout on a trip back east. He was buried but later disinterred to a family plot in Pennsylvania. Legend has it that so many bones were lost along the way, that his restless spirit hunted for them ever since. Whatever consciousness remained was rendered insane. Eventually, Wayne tired of wasting his afterlife in a futile search. He began to suspect he actually needed a victory to be allowed to move on. Wayne decided to correct a great failure and gathered an army of ghosts at Fort Wayne, a military base named after him, and prepared to invade Canada.

General Wayne saw through Ray Stantz' ruse as a military inspector and believed him to be a Canadian spy or sympathizer. He ordered his men to make an example of Ray. As the other Ghostbusters trapped the ghosts, General Wayne tried to get away. Ray got a confinement stream on Wayne and was joined by Winston Zeddemore. Wayne relented he had a duty to perform. Winston convinced him there was no war to fight and offered peace in the form of a Trap. Wayne acquiesced and allowed himself to be trapped. Winston and Wayne exchanged salutes.


General Wayne has the capacity to keep several lesser entities in line. Upon manifesting, Egon Spengler observed a spike in the ambient P.K.E. field.


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