Making Ghostbusters is a book explaining the process in making the first Ghostbusters movie. It was put together and edited by Don Shay. The book has a total of 200 images from the movie. It was published by New York Zoetrope in November 1985.


  • The October 7, 1983 "Final Shooting Script"
  • Annotations detail stories, notes, and anecdotes from Director/Producer Ivan Reitman, Associate Producers Joe Medjuck and Michael Gross, and Writer/Stars Dan Aykroyd and Harold Ramis.
  • Storyboards, Artists' visualizations, special effects techniques
  • Behind the scenes photos, movie stills, and illustrations

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  • In the first draft of the "Knock, Knock" script, J. Michael Straczynski leaves a note suggesting "Making Ghostbusters" for inspiration on the Doomsday Ghosts' designs. [1]
  • On page 23 of Ghostbusters Issue #4, the map of locations and events from the first movie seen on page 26 of "Making Ghostbusters" is incorporated into the PCOC file on the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.
  • On page 9 of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #9, on Egon's board:
    • On the upper right, Steven Dane's schematic for Ecto-1 seen in Making Ghostbusters, page 66.
    • Next to the schematic is part of the storyboard/script synopsis also from Making Ghostbusters.
    • By Wat, a photo of an unused entity from the first movie shown in Making Ghostbusters.
  • On page 10 of Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #9, Egon's clipboard has Don Shay's map of locations and events from the first movie seen on page 26 of Making Ghostbusters.


  1. Straczynski, J. Michael (2009). The Real Ghostbusters Complete Collection Volume One Disc Five, "Knock, Knock" Script p. 9. CPT Holdings, Inc. Line reads: "(NOTE: See Making of Ghostbusters for some additional ideas on subway monsters."