Malevolent Echoes are echoes of ghosts that haven't fully crossed over to our world. They are naught but shadows. "Ghosts of ghosts", if you will.

According to Tobin's Spirit Guide

  • Category: Class 5 Malevolent Echo Invocation
  • Abilities: Melee Attack

Tobin's Summary:

In my entry concerning echoes, I mentioned how they are merely psychic imprints that are incapable of interacting with or harming the living. In some rare cases, however, these imprints can be given purpose and a more coherent form by an external source, usually a more cohesive spiritual manifestation. In these cases, the stronger ghost imbues the patterns of the echo with its own purpose and gives it form by channeling psychokinetic energy and ectoplasm into the receptacle. These more solid entities can become quite dangerous at this point, though they seldom have enough coherence to maintain their form for very long or when faced with disruptive trauma.

Egon's Notes:

Despite the initially harmless state of an echo, certain entities can be drawn through the psychic memory and given more cohesion through an external mediator. This turns the echo into more of a spectral mine field than a harmless slide show of days gone by.

Ray's Tips:

Well, almost nothing to worry about. Sometimes, these usually harmless psychokinetic echoes, when exposed to a powerful malevolent force, can gain a more substantial presence. They're pretty tough: the Blast Stream probably won't cut it. Try landing Boson Darts or close-range Shock Blasts.

Supplemental Data

The art page can found in the Hotel Sedgewick (second visit), during the "This Place is Dead..." section. It is in the stairwell case where the manager is hiding, but only after the manager's cinematic.


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