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"What are you supposed to be? Some kind of a cosmonaut?"

- Man at Elevator; Ghostbusters

The Man at Elevator[1] is one of the extras in the first film. He was smoking a cigar while waiting for an elevator at the Sedgewick Hotel.



On the night of their first call, the Ghostbusters were called to deal with a ghost at the Sedgewick and are informed by the Hotel manager that it roamed about on the 12th floor. When the guys headed to the elevator, they encountered a man at the elevator, a gentleman smoking a cigar, while waiting for an elevator up. He asked them if they were cosmonauts (due to the appearance of their suits and the proton packs) and they told him they were exterminators. Peter Venkman chuckled and explained they were exterminators who got brought in because somebody saw a cockroach up on the twelfth floor. The man remarked that had to be some cockroach. Peter warned him it could bite his head off. Peter and Egon Spengler walked in. Ray Stantz was about to then spun around and asked the man if he was going up. He decided to wait for the next elevator then put his cigar back in his mouth.

Secondary Canon History

IDW Comics

The man at the elevator has a brief cameo when Peter reminisced about the Ghostbusters' first bust as he entered the Grand Palace Hotel & Saloon during the Old West era.



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