Manitou[1] is one of the ghosts who attended the first annual Deadcon in New York.


Manitou is a Native American ghost based on Manitou spirit beings prolific among the Algonquian people and the concept of balance between nature and life. The Manitou arrived at Deadcon 1 by a taxi cab, with license plate "3713 AND." Accompanied by its animated luggage, the Manitou used telekinesis to secure its room key from Ray Stantz. It managed to avoid capture from the Ghostbusters and teamed up with the English Ghost to use Mr. Plump, owner of the convention center, as a human shield. Egon Spengler was able to confine both ghosts without harming Plump. Peter Venkman joined in and soon, both were trapped.


Manitou could fly and displayed telekinesis.


The Real Ghostbusters


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