Marie Laveau II is a famous practitioner of Voodoo in New Orleans and the daughter of Marie Laveau.


Marie Laveau II also practiced the art of Voodoo and eventually took over her mother's public responsibilities. However, Marie II ruled by fear rather than love. When things got out of control, Marie used a locket of Marie II's hair to turn off her heart. Marie II knew her mother did it and swore to return, bringing disaster with her. Over a 100 years later, Marie II's ghost finally manifested and began appearing around New Orleans over the course of a few weeks. Marie couldn't bring herself to destroying her daughter. Mr. Thibodeaux, a friend of Marie, suggested they hire the Ghostbusters to stop Marie II.

The Ghostbusters arrived just in time for St. John's Eve, when everything would be in proper alignment and Marie II would have the power to act. At Lake Pontchartrain, Marie II dug up some help. On St. John's Eve, Marie II began her ritual in New Orleans with her drummers and several Voodoo Zombies. Ray Stantz disrupted the ritual by dousing the Zombies in salt. Angered over the broken spell, Marie II grabbed Ray. To make matters worse, she was powerful enough to resist three Proton Streams. While Egon Spengler and Winston Zeddemore distracted her with the threat of a powerful witch doctor, Peter Venkman sneaked a Trap under her and trapped her.


Marie II has a vast knowledge of Voodoo. On one St. John's Eve, she could enslave other ghosts and Zombies to her will, resist three Proton Streams, levitate, and extend her fingertips.


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