The Marine Ecto-8 [1] (also known as Ecto-H20 [citation needed] and Ecto-8) [2] is a boat that is used to get to Shandor Island.


Primary Canon

After some trial and error, Ray Stantz managed to complete an iteration that stayed above the ocean, despite what his team mates thought. The Ecto-8 was utilized during the Shandor Incident when the Ghostbusters searched for the final Mandala node located somewhere on the Hudson River. Once Shandor Island was in sight, Ray was forced to drop the others off and circle back for them or risk letting Ecto-8 get sunk by the unique geography. Once the Imprisoned Juvenile Sloar was defeated by the Ghostbusters, the island began sinking. The Ghostbusters hurried back to the docks and boarded Ecto-8.

Secondary Canon

Marine Ecto-8 was kept in dry storage at the Warehouse on account it scared the fish. [3] One summer, Marine Ecto-8 was utilized in the John Milton case. Ray did a pre-trip check and determined it was seaworthy. After a short hop to launch, Ray disembarked with Peter Venkman and Kylie Griffin. Kylie piloted Ecto-8 for one hour then it made rough contact with the ice mass around the John Milton. The trio exited Ecto-8 and investigated the ghost ship. Kylie later returned and observed the John Milton as Peter and Ray released the ghost of Francis Harding at his father's grave.

After Rodefhiri was captured in five Traps, an alternate storage method was selected to avoid contamination of other entities in the Containment Unit. Winston Zeddemore drove Marine Ecto-8 across a river and dumped the Traps, sealed in crates filled with cement, overboard. A couple weeks into the Tiamat incident, the Ghostbusters took the Marine Ecto-8 to Hart Island to investigate a surge in P.K.E. activity. After an overlap of two dimensions became apparent, a dimensional tear appeared in the sky above Ellis Island. The Ghostbusters were called. They took Marine Ecto-8 after packing several pieces of equipment onboard, including the Proton Bazooka, Megatrap, and Ecto-4. Erin Gilbert got an idea to seal the tear with the controlled explosion of a trap. She and Ray ran back to Marine Ecto-8. Ray found the Megatrap but knew it wouldn't be enough to fully discorporate the reintegrated entity they were fighting. Erin anticipated this and grabbed the Proton Bazooka. Ray took off in Ecto-4 with the Megatrap in tow.


The Marine Ecto-8 has the same technical equipment that Ecto-1 has but it has the digital announcement boards on each side on the boat's roof, broadcasting Ghostbusters job advertisements, specials, and their phone number JL5-2020. The boat's roof is equipped with similar gadgets that the Ecto-1's are.



Primary Canon

Secondary Canon

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