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Marvel Comics Ltd (aka: Marvel UK) was a publisher of "The Real Ghostbusters" and "Slimer!" from 1988 to 1992 in the UK.

Comic Lines Featuring Ghostbusters Properties


Before the late 80's Marvel Comics Ltd (known as "Marvel Comics Group" on covers) re-released Marvel Comics from America starting in 1972. By the late 70's they had started printing licensed comics outside of Marvel such as Star Wars and Hanna Barbera related comics. The 80's brought the decline in hero based comics, however licensed comics such as Transformers and Thundercats filled in the gaps, and in March 1988 The Real Ghostbusters began being released bi-weekly.

The Real Ghostbusters ran a long healthy life of 193 numbered issues and Slimer offshoot series' ran 17 (It's Wicked!) plus 13 (Slimer!) making a 30 issue collection.

The main series The Real Ghostbusters ran in re-print mode for a few years when Marvel Comics UK (now officially titled UK) ran into more sales issues for the overall company. By March 1994, it all was coming to a end. Ultimately, the Marvel imprint and all properties were bought by Panini in 1995-1996.

Gift/Prizes Featured

Marvel would at times feature free gifts taped on the front of the comic or bundled in a plastic sleeve with the comic. Notably, one of the common providers of the free gift items was Scorpio Products International LTD (aka: SPI).


Note that in many cases the list is going by what the cover said as gifts tended to be removed by comic book collectors over the years.