Master Heki [1] is master of Kyūdō, the Japanese martial art of archery, and one of the legendary Four Masters.


Heki was a powerful warlord who held territory in ancient Japan. His most prized possession was his bow. He and the other masters were lifelong enemies and failed to fulfill a prophecy to unite under a common cause in order to conquer the world. They ended up killing each other. 600 years later, Heki's bow ended up in the possession of a private collector named Elaine Sophers in New York. [2] The ghosts of Master Tomo and Master Takeda found the bow and raised Heki's ghost then trashed Sophers' residence. She called the Ghostbusters. Peter Venkman told Janine Melnitz to tell Sophers they were working on a related case and they would be in touch. Both sides boarded a plane bound for Tokyo International Airport. The ghosts beat the Ghostbusters to a monastery and raised Master Shohei. When the Masters celebrated in unison, they were pulled together and merged into a single, powerful being named Master Prime. The Ghostbusters' used Egon Spengler's board game strategy of playing enemies against each other. It worked and they started to argue about which martial art was the best. The Four Masters split up and were trapped.


Heki was a master archer.


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