Master Takeda is [1] a master of Kendō, the Japanese martial art of swordsmanship, and one of the legendary Four Masters.


Primary Canon

Takeda was a powerful warlord who held territory in ancient Japan. His most prized possession was his bow. He and the other masters were lifelong enemies and failed to fulfill a prophecy to unite under a common cause in order to conquer the world. They ended up killing each other. 600 years later, Takeda's Katana became part of a traveling exhibit titled "Forgotten Masters". Once Master Tomo manifested in the Natural History Museum, he summoned Master Takeda's ghost from the Netherworld. Tomo believed the afterlife was their second chance to fulfill the prophecy that foretold the Four Masters conquering the world if they united under one cause. Takeda was not interested and attacked Tomo. Takeda couldn't care less about the prophecy and was more interested in avenging his death. He noticed how they both sounded like foreigners from being around them too long. The Ghostbusters arrived and opened fire. Egon Spengler wrangled Takeda and requested back up. Ray responded. Tomo made a new proposal. If Takeda pledged to serve him, Tomo would save him. Takeda refused and declared he would rather die again. Egon threw out a Trap. Tomo tried again and suggested serving him or spending the rest of eternity as a dishonorable dog. Despite predicting he would hate himself for saying it, Takeda pledged his sword to Tomo. Tomo attacked the Ghostbusters and freed Takeda. They fled the museum and located Master Heki's bow in Elaine Sophers' private collection then raised him. The trio trashed Sophers' house then boarded a flight to Japan to find Master Shohei. The four ghosts reunited and handily outclassed the Ghostbusters. When the Masters celebrated in unison, they were pulled together and merged into a single, powerful being named Master Prime. The Ghostbusters' used Egon's board game strategy of playing enemies against each other. It worked and they started to argue about which martial art was the best. The Four Masters split up and were trapped.

Secondary Canon

Takeda was incarcerated in the Containment Unit by time Darius Dun/The Collectors were transported into it by the Trap-Gate.


Takeda is a master swordsman.


Primary Canon

IDW Comics

Secondary Canon

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles/Ghostbusters Volume 2


  1. Video Narrator (2017). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters: Funko Universe" (2017) (Comic p.10). Video Narrator says: "Takeda, the master of the samurai's blade."


Primary Canon

Secondary Canon


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