Mattel: (2016 Movie) Ecto Minis Blind Bag featured toys at a base small size. They are based on elements of the Ghostbusters (2016 Movie). They began being sold in stores on May 1st 2016. There are 12 toys to collect, with four being exclusively made for the blind bags; one exclusive being Rat Ghost that was made of blue plastic instead of purple.

List of Toys

For a full list of all the Ecto Minis to collect, see Ecto Minis main page.

Name Code Product #
Abby Yates AM DRR95
Cockroach Ghost AV DRT05
Erin Gilbert AN DRR96
Jillian Holtzmann AO DRR97
Kevin AQ DRR99
Mannequin Ghost AX DRT07?
Patty Tolan AP DRR98
Rat Ghost AU DRT04
Rowan Human AS DRT02
Ghost Trap (Rowan inside) AW DRT06
Slimer AR DRT01?
Splitting Ghost AT DRT03


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