Mattel: (Classic) Ecto Minis Blind Bag featured toys at a base small size. They began being sold exclusively at Walmart's on May 1st 2016. There are 12 official toys to collect, and one unlisted variant Terror Dog.

List of Toys

For a full list of all the Ecto Minis to collect, see Ecto Minis main page.

Name Code Product #
Peter Venkman AA
Egon Spengler AB
Ray Stantz AC
Winston Zeddemore AD
Slimer (Translucent) AE
Terror Dog (Translucent Grey) AF
Peter Venkman (Spectral) AG
Egon Spengler (Spectral) AH
Ray Stantz (Spectral) AI
Winston Zeddemore (Spectral) AJ
Slimer (Solid) AK
Terror Dog (Solid Black) AL
Terror Dog (Solid Grey With Speckled) AL


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