Mayhem was a flying creature with animal like traits that haunted the Stonebrook Theatre. It was the first ghost successfully trapped by the Ghostbusters (in the 2016 movie).


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The first encounter of Mayhem was from Fernando which was a attack. Mayhem came out of a vent and started tossing him around the room. The only reason he survived was that Jonathan the Theater Manager scream, which scared the creature off. The Ghostbusters arrived on the scene and started investigating the scene. Abby found a Hyper-Ionization Device, which most likely attracted and energized Mayhem. Patty then has a confrontation with a mannequin that was possessed by Mayhem. Patty meet up with the other Ghostbusters where the device was found, with the possessed mannequin right behind her. The mannequin breaks through the door, and then faces the Ghostbusters with its joints glowing red. The Ghostbusters fire on the mannequin and after a few seconds the mannequin breaks apart revealing the true form of Mayhem. Mayhem flees to the hall, and flies down the hall as the Ghostbusters chase it and firing at will. It then went up through a vent.

Mayhem then appeared on stage with the band "Beasts of Mayhem", which had thought it was a stage effect. Ultimately a few moments later the beast flew and threw the lead singer into a stack of speakers. The Ghostbusters then come in on stage from the backstage. They start firing away again, this time in the concert hall, hitting some of the decor. Then two of the Ghostbusters, Abby and Patty leave the stage to hunt down the ghost. After Patty's fall, she gets up but finds that Mayhem is on her shoulders. She tries to walk it off and Abby decides to fire at it, the other two Ghostbusters join her beam. It gets off Patty's back and then Patty fires at it too. Jillian pulls the Ghost Trap off her proton packs bottom and activates it. Everyone steers it towards the trap, and it goes in.

Later, when Martin Heiss visits the Ghostbusters' Headquarters, Erin releases Mayhem and Mayhem takes Martin out the window as he frees once more. He is described as a Class 3 vapor.

During the battle at Times Square he attacks Abby, lifting her off the ground and carrying her for a distance before Erin shoots a proton beam at him. He later attacks Jillian, but Patty is ready for him with her Ghost Chipper which takes care of Mayhem.

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Mayhem went on a rampage in the city and terrorized several citizens. The Ghostbusters were called.


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Mayhem was a Class 3 vapor.[1]

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Mayhem was a Class 3 vapor.[2]


  • Mayhem is the first and only ghost shown captured by a ghost trap in the the film.
  • Though Mayhem is referred to as Class 3 entity, he more closely resembles a Class 5 entity.
  • Paul Feig likens Mayhem to more of a 'demon-gargoyle kind of other-worldly thing' that comes from a deeper part of the unknown.[3]
  • Mayhem manifesting at a heavy metal concert was intended to be a funny coincidence.[4]
  • On February 14, 2016, photos of Mattel's 6" inch figures posted first teased Mayhem as a red demonic entity.[5]
  • On February 15, 2016, more photos of Mayhem toy appeared.[6]
  • On page 18 of Ghostbusters 101 #6, the sixth image is from the 2016 movie, Chapter 9, during the Stonebrook Theatre bust when Mayhem perched on Patty's shoulders. Peter Venkman appears in place of Patty.
  • On page 1 of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call Issue #1, Patty's bio in panel 2 mentions possessed mannequins, a nod to the Mayhem bust in the 2016 movie.


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IDW Comics


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