The Mayor (IDW) is the current mayor of New York City succeeding Jock Mulligan.


IDW Comic Series

After the Shandor Incident, the City & County allowed the Ghostbusters to do whatever was necessary. However, after various explosions, increasing paranormal activity, mounting insurance payouts, and certain repeat hauntings, the Mayor and several city officials met with Walter Peck. Once the Mayor's concerns about Peck's prior history were absolved, the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission was reinstated to keep the Ghostbusters in check.

As Idulnas task of Re-Selection came close to fruition, the Mayor called Peck and demanded to know why the Ghostbusters hadn't mobilized yet. The Mayor was mainly concerned with tourism for the next month and fallout from the incident involving the Gozerian Terror Bear. The Mayor was flabbergasted when Peck announced he approved the Ghostbusters' trap across America in mid-summer amidst tourist season. The Mayor's concerns were placated when Peck revealed the city of New York would receive monetary commissions from each job performed. In exchange, the Mayor would show some consideration when the Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission's budget came up for review next quarter. The Mayor was impressed and noted he underestimated Peck.

In the fall, the Mayor was smitten with the Ghost Smashers and the good publicity they were drawing from the public. Thus, shutting them down required a convincing amount of reasonable cause. The next year, around May, the Mayor met with his Deputy Mayor Ms. Stone and Peck to discuss Janine Melnitz's team and the out of control population of ghosts plaguing the city in the Ghostbusters' absence. Amid the mounting complaints, the Mayor was willing to accept Peck's proposal of using Janine's team. The Mayor was very pleased when Peck pointed him to a contract addendum that would authorize the city to further exploit the Ghostbusters brand through licensing and merchandising of any new Ghostbuster approved by PCOC. The Mayor then agreed to, on Peck's behalf, put in a call to the Governor. Soon, Janine's team was freed and Ron Alexander's jail sentence was commuted. During the Halloween holiday, the Mayor was pleased to learn the Ghostbusters set a new record and captured 11 ghosts on October 30. The new record would make good news for his office. [1]

After a few days of Blood Rain showers, the Mayor began to confer with the Center for Disease Control on the matter. [2] After the Tiamat incident, the Mayor awarded the Key to the City to the Ghostbusters and a parade was held in their honor. The Mayor held a live press conference at City Hall concerning the dimensional bleed incident. He downplayed the event and cited there wasn't a Stay Puft Marshmallow Man walking around. All of a sudden he turned into a different person then back again. He introduced Peck to the podium to provide an update.



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