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Mayor Lenny[1] (also known as Mayor and The Mayor of NY)[2][3] was the Mayor of New York City who bailed the Ghostbusters out of jail to let them do their job and wipe out Gozer. After New Years Day 1990 and prior to the Thanksgiving holiday weekend in 1991, Lenny was succeeded as Mayor of New York City by Jock Mulligan.



In 1984, the Mayor bailed the Ghostbusters out of their jail cell, in which they were placed after the explosion at the Firehouse. A conference was held in his office with his aides and various department heads. They were gathered in front of a map of New York City with several points pinned. The Mayor stressed the city was blowing up, and no one was giving him any answers. The Police Commissioner bit and informed him bridges and roads were being blocked. The Mayor's Aide entered the office and told the Mayor the Ghostbusters were coming. The Ghostbusters and officers filed in. The Mayor switched gears to the Ghostbusters and asked where "Peck" was. Walter Peck introduced himself and declared he was prepared to make a full report: the Ghostbusters were consummate snowball artists, used sensitive nerve gases to induce hallucinations to make people think they were seeing ghosts so they call them, who conveniently show up to deal with the problem with a fake electronic light show. Ray Stantz stated everything was fine with their system until the power grid was shut off by dickless. Peck quickly blurted out they caused the explosion. The Mayor asked them if that was true. Peter Venkman admitted it was true that Peck had no dick. Peck lunged at Peter. The police officers stepped in and kept them apart. They told everyone to break it up. Peck relented. Peter retorted that was what he heard. The Mayor shouted they were in City Hall then turned to the Fire Commissioner, referred to him by his first name of John, and asked him what was happening. John, the Fire Commissioner sat down on the couch then admitted it was no light show they saw in the morning. He stated he had seen every kind of combustion known to man, but he had no idea what to make of current events.

The Archbishop entered the office and bid everyone good afternoon. The Mayor was elated and addressed him as "Your Eminence." He got out of his chair and kissed the Archbishop's ring. The Mayor and the Archbishop were on a first name basis. He referred to the Mayor as Lenny and asked him how he was. The Mayor gave the Archbishop a friendly slap on the cheek. The Mayor referred to the Archbishop as Mike and told him he was looking good. The Mayor admitted they were in a real fix and asked him what he thought they should do. The Archbishop stated that officially, the Church was not taking any position on the religious implications of the phenomena occurring then revealed his personal opinion, it was a sign from God. He teased not to quote him on that. Peter quipped that was a smart move. The Archbishop went to sit. The Mayor refused to call a press conference and tell everyone to start praying. The Mayor sat down. Winston Zeddemore stepped forward and introduced himself. Winston prefaced that he only worked for the Ghostbusters for a couple of weeks but ghosts were real because he saw shit that would turn him white. Peter invited the Mayor to believe "Mr. Pecker." Peck clarified his last name was "Pack." Peter continued and stated his other choice was to accept the fact that the city was headed for a disaster of biblical proportions. The Mayor asked what he meant by "biblical."

Ray clarified he was taking about "Old Testament biblical" and "real wrath-of-God-type" stuff. Peter agreed. Ray threw out some examples: fire and brimstone coming from the skies and rivers and seas boiling. Egon Spengler added 40 years of darkness, earthquakes, and volcanoes. Winston added the dead rising from the grave. The Mayor stood. Peter stressed there would be human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, then mass hysteria. The Mayor exclaimed that was enough and he got the point. He asked what if they were wrong. Peter promised if nothing happened, they would go to jail peacefully and quietly and they would enjoy it. Peter started his pitch. He pointed out if he was right, and they could stop the end of the world, the Mayor will be credited with saving the lives of millions of registered voters. The Mayor understood the implications and smiled. The Archbishop also smiled and nodded in approval. Peck came forward and voiced his concern with seriously considering listening to them. Despite Peck's accusations, he listened to Peter's argument that, if they could stop the impending threat, he would secure a re-election for himself. Peter smiled smugly and signaled with his eyes. The Mayor pointed at Peck and ordered him out of the office. Peter waved goodbye to Peck. Peck promised he would get back at him. The Mayor's aide and an officer walked him to the door. Peter promised to get him a nice fruit basket and joked he was going to miss him. Ray stood straight and nodded. Peck relented and left. The Mayor turned around from the map and looked at the Ghostbusters. He asked them what they needed from him. He gave them a military motorcade to get to Dana Barrett's apartment.

Ghostbusters II

Between 1984 and 1989, Lenny hired Jack Hardemeyer as his assistant.[4] Jack jealously, yet needlessly, defended Lenny from the Ghosbusters, citing their association being harmful to the Mayor's run for Governor the following year.[5] In late 1989, Mayor Lenny walked through the production offices of WKRR-TV Studio with his entourage, a police detail, and a woman in a suit. Peter happened to be in the offices talking to his producer Norman and called out to Lenny. Jack ran interference while Lenny and the others continued on. When the Ghostbusters were brought to Gracie Mansion on New Year's Eve, Lenny heard their latest claim about the city being in danger from a supernatural threat. He went to his study where Ghostbusters greeted him with open arms. Mayor Lenny was not so cheerful. Winston offered his hand out to shake. Mayor Lenny looked at him, in his slime drenched long underwear. Winston awkwardly pulled his hand away. Mayor Lenny asked if there was a slumber party going on. Jack snickered. The Ghostbusters all talked at once. Mayor Lenny stopped them and declared they had two minutes to talk to him. Ray stated it was a great pleasure to see him again, and almost 50% of them voted for him in the last election. Mayor Lenny appreciated it.

Peter apologized they always had to meet under these circumstances. Ray informed him a psychomagnotheric slime flow of immense proportions was building up beneath the city. Mayor Lenny had no idea what he said. Egon repeated "psychomagnotheric." Peter quipped it was a big word. Egon explained negative human emotions were materializing in the form of a viscous, psychoreactive plasm with explosive supernormal potential. Mayor asked if anybody spoke English. Winston volunteered and told him all the bad feelings, all the hate, the anger and vibes of the city was turning into the sludge. Winston admitted he did not believe it at first either, but they just went for a swim in it and ended up almost killing each other. Jack found it all preposterous. Peter asked him to stop his lips from flapping for two little minutes then went over and touched Jack's lips. Peter asked Mayor Lenny if he had been out on the street lately because it got weird lately. He estimated there was three million completely miserable assholes living in the tristate area. Jack rolled his eyes. Peter adjusted his claim to three million and one. Jack took offense. Ray emphasized they had to do something fast or the whole place was going to blow like a frog on a hot plate. Jack was skeptical. Mayor Lenny asked them what he was supposed to do and balked at the notion of going on television and telling ten million people they had to be nice to each other. He stated being miserable and treating other people like dirt was every New Yorker's God-given right. He refused to help them. He declared their two minutes were up and bid them good night. Mayor Lenny left the room as they called out to him. He returned to a party and was unaware Jack had the Ghostbusters committed to Parkview Psychiatric Hospital. As New Years approached, supernatural activity increased to unprecedented levels.

The next night, Lenny spent an hour in his room talking to the ghost of former mayor, named Fiorello La Guardia.[6] He returned to City Hall upset with the pandemonium that unfolded and told his team he had no choice but to call in the Ghostbusters and passed the order. Jack became alarmed and believed there had to be another way. Mayor Lenny mentioned his talk with Fiorello La Guardia then asked where the Ghostbusters were. Jack told him they were not available. Mayor Lenny asked for clarification for "they're not available." Lenny learned how Jack abused his power and fired him. Jack quibbled about the upcoming election. Lenny ordered Harry to remove Jack from City Hall. They watched as day suddenly turned to night. Lenny, again, ordered someone to get him the Ghostbusters. Just as the Ghostbusters, exited the Manhattan Museum of Art with Dana Barrett and Oscar, Mayor Lenny came up the stairs to them and cheered them on from the top. Weeks later, he awarded the Ghostbusters with a Key to the City during a ceremony on Liberty Island.


Mayor Lenny was a reasonable politician who wanted to stop the crisis in New York at any costs. He listened to his advisers patiently for advice before calling the Ghostbusters. He was also a Catholic, and valued the advice of the Archbishop, whom he called "Mike."


  • Called "Lenny" by the Archbishop, his first name is presumably Leonard.
  • The Mayor was made to look like mayor of New York City at the time, Ed Koch.[citation needed]
  • Lenny is described as a "likeable Democrat and a man of the people - particularly the Irish, Italian and Jewish people."[9][10]
  • In Ghostbusters: The Supernatural Spectacular:
    • The Mayor is referred to Hizzoner, New York slang for the Mayor.[11]
    • The Mayor recalls how he has impeccable visibility with the Carson show, the Letterman show, Donahue, Griffin, and Good Morning, America. He's also published a book, done cameos on Kate and Ali and Ryan's Hope, and there was a play about his life in development.[12]
    • The Mayor immediately dislikes Walter Peck who reminds him of his high school biology teacher.[13]
    • The Mayor's first name was Ed and he was a ward captain.[14]
    • After hearing Peter out, the Mayor muses to himself that Peter could be a dangerous opponent if he ever went into politics.[15]
  • In the Ghostbusters II August 5, 1988 draft, Lenny was no longer the mayor. The mayor is a man named Maury.[16]
    • On pages 82-83, the Ghostbusters arrive at Gracie Mansion where the Mayor is already waiting for them. He wants to keep their involvement a secret or risk his job. He asks the Ghostbusters for their help and offers to indemnify and insure the Ghostbusters against any and all damage claims resulting from anything done while in the employ of the city. The Ghostbusters agree and hold a meeting with all city department and agency heads and major business and community leaders.
    • On page 86, the NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw is interrupted with the Ghostbusters and Mayor at The World of the Psychic set.
    • On page 112, rescue workers dig the Ghostbusters out of the wreckage of the Statue of Liberty's torch just as the Mayor's motorcade arrives.
    • On page 114, the ending was Peter advising the Mayor to restore the statue and cash in by throwing a big party, having fireworks and TV specials. The script ends with everyone getting into the Mayor's limo and driving away to uptown Manhattan - leaving the Mayor just standing there in the street.
  • In the September 29, 1988 draft:
    • On page 84, the Ghostbusters meet with the Mayor, City Council, and heads of departments in secret at the City Council Chambers because they don't want to start a panic.
    • On page 85, the Mayor mentions the Titanic. Peter quips, "Better late than never." Before they agree to help, Peter points out to the Mayor the last time they helped the city, he stiffed them so he wants them to be paid upfront this time.
    • On page 86, the Mayor tells them he is prepared to indemnify and insure them against any and all damage claims. Winston request to have his parking tickets fixed, too.
    • On page 87, the Ghostbusters stipulate that everyone being nice to each other will prevent things from getting any worse. The Mayor is adamant being miserable and treating other people like dirt is every New Yorker's God-given right. He asks what they're supposed to do, go on television and tell people to be nice to one another. The NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw is interrupted by the Ghostbusters and Mayor
    • On page 88, the Ghostbusters and Mayor present a special edition of the World of the Psychic. The Mayor declares a state of emergency. Peter states everyone has to lighten up for a couple of days.
    • On page 101, the Ghostbusters meet with the Mayor at Gracie Mansion. He is in a robe and pajamas. He absolutely rejects their plan.
    • On page 102, Peter tells the Mayor to take care of it himself. The Mayor relents. He goes with them to Liberty Island and still can't believe he's letting them use the Statue of Liberty.
    • On page 110, the Mayor laments the Statue of Liberty was just restored. Louis tries to placate him and points out people won't have to go all that way on a ferry. The Mayor looks at him like he's crazy.
  • In the November 27, 1988 draft:
    • On page 10, Norman tells Peter that Mayor Lenny was on a program called "Cityline".
    • On page 39, Jack implies the Mayor (and future Governor) will owe a favor to The Prosecutor if she wins the trial.
    • On page 96, Peter asks a police officer to call the Mayor and tell him the city is in danger otherwise they'll be going to the New York Times.
    • On page 97, Peter jokes at the Mayor's party there's tons of bad caviar, Iranian terrorists, one in every five eggs is poisoned one and they know which ones, and they have to get there before the canapes. The cop frowns. Peter tells him to just make the call. The Mayor is already in his study when they arrive and grumbles he has 200 of the heaviest campaign contributors in the city eating a bad roast chicken waiting for him to give the speech of his life. Winston suggests they tell him about the Animated Toaster.
    • On page 111, the Mayor and Jack arrive outside the museum.
    • On page 112, the Mayor learns people are trapped inside. Hardemeyer wants to call news stations for the PR. Ray tells them they have to act by midnight or city gets sucked into the tenth level of hell. The Fire Captain muses he could get into the museum if he had a nuclear warhead.
      • In the movie, the Mayor and Hardemeyer aren't present. The tenth level of hell line is spoken by the Mayor earlier before he fires Hardemeyer at New York City Hall. This also becomes an alternate scene.
    • On page 113, Hardemeyer pounds the slime shell to prove his point but he gets sucked in. The Mayor takes that in then asks the Ghostbusters what they need. They confer in a diner.
    • On page 114-115, Peter equates everything to people acting like jerks. Egon compares Vigo to Nero and Caligula in Rome and Hitler in Nazi Germany. Ray mentions Stalin and the French Reign of Terror. Winston mentions Pol Pot and Idi Amin. Peter mentions Cardinal Richelieu and George Steinbrenner. The Mayor asks if they want him to go on TV and tell 8 million people to be nice to each other. Peter tells him the only need one thing.
    • On page 128,the Mayor quibbles they just had the statue restored. Ray gives him an invoice. He refuses to pay. Peter muses she will look nice in the park.
    • On page 129, the Mayor relents. Egon states they don't accept checks.
  • In the February 27, 1989 draft:
    • On page 96, Peter looks at the police officers's name badges for when the Mayor asks them why they didn't let him know sooner what was happening. The cops relent to tell them to follow them.
  • In Ghostbusters II, Chapter 13: Mood Slime, Rudy the Museum Guard is reading a Star magazine featuring "Ghostbusters Save Mayor" and "Team of Venkman Stantz & Spengler in heroic deed."
  • Mayor Lenny was originally in another Ghostbusters II scene that involved ghosts "bleeding" through walls. David Margulies filmed outside the U.S. Customs House in New York with 400 to 500 extras and the ILM crew on set.[17] Ultimately, ILM could not do the ghost FX shot. A replacement scene was devised, the scene where Mayor Lenny mentions he had a discussion with the ghost of Fiorella La Guardia. It was done 4 weeks before Ghostbusters II's release.[18]
  • After the Ghostbusters fail to make a dent in the slime shell around the Manhattan Museum of Art, they huddle near Ecto-1a. In the background is the Mayor's car. Its license plate is a vanity plate "Hizzoner" in reference to New York slang for the Mayor of New York City.
  • The surname "Clotch" originates from the Ed Naha written novelization of Ghostbusters II.[19]
  • In Ghost Busted (manga), on chapter two, page 48, Jack refers to Mayor Lenny.
  • Mayor Lenny was originally going to appear in Ghostbusters: The Video Game with Margulies set to reprise the role but Terminal Reality Creative Director Drew Haworth came up with a plan B to get Bill Murray on board by meeting with Brian Doyle-Murray. Margulies' contract was terminated. Doyle-Murray was hired to play the mayor. He was brought in to look at the game and his character. Doyle-Murray was skeptical they did this for all the actors. Terminal created a likeness of him. They talked to him about the game. He asked about his brother. Doyle-Murray liked the game. At the end of the meeting, he realized they wanted him to tell Murray he thought the game was good. Melchior admitted to the ulterior motives. Within two days, Bill Murray's attorney contacted Vivendi with news he agreed to reprise his role. [20]
    • This is also evident on page 20 of the October 8, 2007 third draft of the revised cut-scene script, where Peter refers to the Mayor as Lenny.[21]
  • On page six of Ghostbusters Issue #4, Lenny is listed on Peck's speed dial.
  • Lenny appears on the back cover of Ghostbusters Volume 2 in a rendition of the scene he debuted in during the first movie.


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