The Meat Golem is a construct formed by the Vegas Ghost from meat in the kitchen of The Olive.


During a summer, Winston Zeddemore took up a solo job for The Olive in Las Vegas in exchange for a free trip. The offending ghost turned out to be anything but easy to catch. Winston chased after it from the basement. The ghost made its way to the kitchen on the second floor. It used various types of meat present and formed a Meat Golem to inhabit. The battle erupted into an dining room used for the Ivo Shandor Awards. However, a loose wire caused Winston's Compact Pack to cease functioning. Winston made a hasty retreat and called up Egon Spengler to troubleshoot the pack. Winston fixed the pack and as the Golem slammed on the wall outside. He blew up the Meat Golem after firing a Boson Dart through a wall right into it and quickly trapped the ghost.


The Meat Golem, like standard Golems, can rush at impressive speeds and inflict a major amount of damage from a single blow.


The Meat Golem is a Class 6 Bi-Dimensional Attractor. [1]



IDW Comics


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