Megan [1] is an employee of Bates CPA, PC.


The Bates CPA, PC staff were attacked by the ghost the the Five Points Killer in the springtime. Mr. Crook managed to make a call to the Ghostbusters and hid with a co-worker named Megan. Megan asked if he called the Ghostbusters then wondered how long they were going to take to respond in person. However, they were soon discovered by the ghost. Kylie Griffin shot at the ghost and scared it off. As it flew up a floor, its victims were forcibly freed as they were pulled into the ceiling. Rookie and Kylie escorted the workers outside.


  • Megan visually based on Dawn Tisley, a character from the television series The Office (the original UK version)


IDW Comics


  1. Mr. Crook (2014). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #13" (2014) (Comic p.1). Mr. Crook says: "I don't know, Megan, I -- wait do you feel something?"


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