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Megascream is a previous Destructor Form of Gozer.


Megatron confronted Gozer upon its arrival on Cybertron and asked why it came to his world. Gozer replied to came to end Cybertron and implored him to choose. Megatron didn't understand. Gozer explained it was time to choose the form of their destruction then quickly stated it was done. Starscream became worried. Shockwave asked him what he did. Starscream claimed he did nothing but had a fleeting thought about how he could be mighty enough to destroy the planet. Gozer's Destructor form manifested, a larger version of Starscream. Megatron shot Starscream in the right shoulder. He vowed he would pay for his indiscretion then ordered the alarm to be sounded. The other Decepticons rallied to them. The Decepticons battled Megascream and endured death on a scale they never experienced before. The four heads on Megascream's necklace fired energy blasts as Megascream ripped Devastator in half then fatally punched Predaking in the chest. Soundwave confirmed he suffered critical damage and Devastator was deactivated. Shockwave stated their greatest weapons had failed. Starscream declared Cybertron was lost. Megatron smacked him and refused to accept that outcome. Kremzeek appeared to them with a deal to escape destruction. With no other choice, Megatron accepted on their behalf. The four of them were turned into ghosts and enslaved to Kremzeek's sway. Megascream destroyed Cybertron.


  • A similar design[1] was used in the Transformers Deviations comic for the Starscream Combiner. In exchange for destroying the Matrix of Leadership, Starscream was upgraded by Unicron. During a battle with Optimus Prime, Starscream, now calling himself Megascream combined with Thrust, Dirge, Soundwave, and Astrotrain into a giant form and killed Prime.
  • On page 7 of Transformers/Ghostbusters Issue #1:
    • The crown is based on the one worn by Starscream during his coronation ceremony in the "Transformers: The Movie".
    • The Matrix of Leadership is also worn.
    • The necklace has the heads of Skyfire, Megatron, Optimus Prime, and Shockwave.

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