The Megaspook [1] is a large, angry, and hostile entity formed from the coalescence of dozens upon dozens of ghosts' psychokinetic energy atomized by the Ghost Smashers.


In November, the ghosts dispersed by the Ghost Smashers formed into a cloud-like being in the skies above Manhattan. During a meeting in Walter Peck's office, a plan was formulated to trap the could before it split into independent entities. Since the Traps didn't have the range needed, the Ghostbusters and Ghost Smashers split up into three teams to close the distance. Ray Stantz and Jenny Moran flew up on the Ecto-Gyro and cut towards Fifth Avenue to work on the thinner end of the cloud while Murdock took Egon Spengler, Ron Alexander, Dani Shpak, and Lou Kamaka to the other side. The cloud pulled to Herald Square at West 35th and Broadway, where Winston Zeddemore and Peter Venkman set up several Traps and the Megatrap. When the Megaspook was in place, Peter triggered a remote that simultaneously opened all Traps and captured the entity.

The Megaspook was too powerful and emerged from the Traps in a new form. The Ghostbusters, Jenny, Lou, and Dani engaged the entity but it resisted the Proton Streams. Elsewhere, in New Jersey, Eugene Visitor realized the enormity of the situation and released Death from his bag. Death emerged and teleported east. Upon Death's arrival, even the Megaspook cowered in its presence. Death rammed into the Megaspook and enveloped the area in a flash of white light. The Megaspook and Death were gone.


The Megaspook's second form has traits of a Hagfish, turtle, and bull. The tentacles were inspired by the Hagfish. [2]


The Megaspook cannot be trapped and is immune to Proton Streams.


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