Melissa McCarthy is an actress in Ghostbusters (2016 Movie).

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Other work

  • The Boss - Producer, Actress (2016)
  • St. Vincent - Actress (2014)
  • Bridesmaids - Actress (2011)
  • The Jenny McCarthy Show (TV Series) - Actress for 1 episode (1997)
  • The Weird Al Show (TV Series) - Production Coordinator for 2 episodes (1997)


  • On July 31, 2015, Luci Romberg confirmed she was Melissa McCarthy's stunt double. It was her fourth time doubling for McCarthy.[1][2]
  • Abby admits she was always attracted to husky men in hats.[3]
    • The line is also a nod to "Mike and Molly", a television series that Melissa McCarthy was one of the leads and her character Molly was married to Mike, a husky police officer.
  • The car that Abby is dropped onto during the Times Square fight is the Rambler Melissa McCarthy's character in "The Heat" owned.[4]
  • On page 215 of Ghosts from Our Past: Both Literally and Figuratively: The Study of the Paranormal (Three Rivers Press), Melissa McCarthy is thanked in the acknowledgment section.

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