Memorial Hospital is a New York institution that often takes in patients inflicted through supernatural means and unofficially defers cases to the Extreme Ghostbusters.


The first instance Memorial called upon the Extreme Ghostbusters was when two victims were found covered in a clay-like substance. The attending doctor, Dr. Dennis Alcaraz, realized it was beyond the scope of medical science and met with Kylie Griffin and Eduardo Rivera without telling the hospital's chief of staff. A couple of days later, the victims were revived once the Golem was destroyed. Two police officers were present and arrested them their part in the vandalism of the Beth Shalom Synagogue.

The Extreme Ghostbusters met with Dr. Forest in the X-Ray room to go over x-rays of a patient infected by Cohila. While she believed it was a freak accident, the Ghostbusters believed it was a case of human incubation. Forest was summoned to attend to a new patient who was also infected by Cohila. Cohila entered through the duct system and summoned his legion. Kylie, Eduardo, and Roland Jackson pursued and ended up on the roof but Cohila was gone.

After suffering a strange nightmare, Frank Fitzgivens was brought to Memorial Hospital. Not sure who to turn to, Irma Fitzgivens called the Extreme Ghostbusters in to check on her husband, too. However, they were unable to find any evidence of supernatural activity responsible for Frankie's fractures. Some time later, the Radioactive Ghost passed through the hospital and ingested radioactive materials from vats stored in the Radiology room. Three victims of Ravana were brought to Memorial Hospital for observation. The attending physician found nothing in the medical journals and called in the Extreme Ghostbusters as a last result. Ravana later entered the hospital and fed on the victims. The Ghostbusters pursued Ravana to the hospital kitchen but were unable to capture it. They destroyed all tainted and possibly tainted food before leaving.

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