The Messenger of Kahlil[1] (also known as Dog Faced Demon)[2] is the one who travels to Earth to retrieve Kahlil's 13 human sacrifices.


Dating back to ancient Iceland, the victims are chosen by touching an ancient coin, or rune. When the Messenger of Kahlil shows up he senses the victim and states, "You have been chosen." He then takes the victims back to Kahlil's Dimension, where they will be enslaved for eternity. In Kahlil's dimension, the rules of Earth's physics don't apply. The latest Keeper of the Runes was a petty thief named Steve Rifkin, who stole the objects from the Metropolitan Museum of Art. In their first encounter with the Messenger, the Ghostbusters were unable to properly confine and trap it.

Egon Spengler made adjustments and fine tuned the Proton Pack to match the Messenger's exact P.K.E. coordinates.[3] In theory, it could then be confined and trapped. With the demon trapped in the physical plane, its portal would also remain open, in theory. The Messenger was captured when the Ghostbusters summoned him then used their Particle Thrower to take him down. While Egon and Janine Melnitz trapped him, the other Ghostbusters jumped into Kahlil's dimension to take care of the demon god.


The Messenger is super strong, can breath fire, open portals, and unleash a shock wave of P.K. energy. He isn't as easy as a standard ghost to confine and trap either.


  • The Messenger was nicknamed "Dog Face" by the Extreme Ghostbusters.


Extreme Ghostbusters


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