The Metamorph is a large, grotesque, shape-shifting entity that could change into just about anything.


A week before encountering Drool, the goblin in the Poconos sideshow, the Ghostbusters had a run in with a spirit which Ray Stantz called a Free-Floating Miasmic Phantom, whom at first was a phantom and then changed into a carnivorous vacuum cleaner, who according to Peter Venkman, gave him some nasty scars that still linger. The Ghostbusters failed to capture him.[2][3][4][5]

After their first run in with Drool and then being sent away by Madame Lefarge they are attacked by an electrical wire that snaps loose from a telephone pole. The Ghostbusters are convinced more or less by Venkman that Drool was behind the attack. After getting into a town to fix the Ecto-1, several incidents happen to the Ghostbusters until they are finally confronted with the true enemy. Later on, it is confirmed to be the same miasmic phantom that escaped the Ghostbusters a week earlier. Drool sacrificed himself to distract this phantom and allow the Ghostbusters to trap it. In doing so, Drool saved the lives of the sideshow people whom had given him a home.


During the Poconos encounter, Ray Stantz called it a Free-Floating Miasmic Phantom and Egon Spengler referred to it as a Non-Amalgamated Shape-Changer.[6]

In November 1997, Egon referred to it as a Class 4 Shape Shifter.[7]



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