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The Metropolitan Museum of Art (also known as The Met)[1] is a famous art museum in New York City. Its permanent collection contains over two million works.


While in Central Park trying to track down Gareth Dibello, the New Ghostbusters were briefly within view of the sloped glass wall of the museum's Egyptian Art Gallery. Dr. Abner Polk was hired to appraise a shipment of recently acquired antiquities from the Mediterranean. One morning, he arrived at the museum and met Peter Venkman and Ray Stantz. Peter handed him a court order telling him to grant them custody of a tablet artifact from the shipment. Polk didn't understand what was going on nor the terminology in the court order. Ray informed him he had a potentially powerful psychokinetically charged artifact on the premises. They went into another room. Ray saw the tablet and confirmed it was what they were looking for. Polk insisted they couldn't have it and it wasn't even documented yet. Ray tried to explain what was going on, they had to make sure there wasn't any god-like being planning on using the tablet to as a gateway to their plane of existence. Peter warned Polk that Ray was only going to talk faster and he didn't need that. Peter assured him they were doing him a favor because the last time there was an artifact like it in a museum, it did not go well for the staff.

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