The Micawb Mansion is the home of the Micawb family.


The Micawb Mansion is a four floored mansion located on off the beaten track and is home to the Micawb family. Its library contains over 3000 books, some 100's of years old and some out of print like "Nameless Horrors and What To Do About Them." [1] [2] Due to the influx of crime in general, the Micawbs decided to install a home security system. When triggered, the house goes into lockdown and points of entry are sealed off. In one of the mansions many secret passageways, Thaddeus Micawb attempted to create a playmate for his pet, Patchwork but opened a doorway to another dimension. [3] A Paranatural being crossed over instead and Thaddeus locked it away. The entity was very powerful and continued to haunt the entire mansion. The Ghostbusters were called to the mansion to deal with the problem. They traced the entity to the secret room and sent it back to its own dimension just in time. The Micawbs' relatives arrived for a family reunion. [4]


The Real Ghostbusters


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