Milton Angland [1] is an author, lecturer, and psychic who appeared on an episode of "The World of the Psychic" just before Peter Venkman, the host, went back to ghostbusting.


Primary Canon History

Ghostbusters II

Milton Angland had a strong psychic belief that the world was going to end on New Year's Eve 1989. In order to inform the public as quickly as possible, Angland wrote a book called, "The End of the World." He also appeared on an episode of "World of the Psychic" to promote it. It turned out that Angland was almost right, but the Ghostbusters defeated Vigo on the predicted date.

Secondary Canon History

IDW Comic Series

Around the time when some of the Ghostbusters were on assignment in Venice, Egon Spengler was unable to locate a copy of "The Johansen Argument" at the New York City Public Library. As he was leaving, Egon called up Ray's Occult Books. Milton happened to be walking past the library steps.



Primary Canon

Ghostbusters II

Secondary Canon

Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II

IDW Comics


  1. Spelling his name Milton Angland with subtitles on 1999 dvd


Primary Canon

Secondary Canon

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