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The Mini-Cassette Manifestations are subservient manifestations of Soundwave.


During the battle at Grosbeak Generating Station, Peter Venkman wrangled Soundwave. Soundwave realized he was confined with a positively charged Proton Stream and could not break free. He created Mini-Cassette Manifestations based on Ravage, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw, Mini-Cassette Decepticons that formerly served him in life. They exited his open chest cavity. Ray Stantz threw a Proton Grenade at Ravage and yelled out his theory about taking out Soundwave to make the manifestations dissipate. Winston Zeddemore threw out a Trap and ducked a laser. He compared it to being in a G.I. Joe cartoon. Soundwave was trapped and he cursed. Laserbeak descended onto Ray at the same time and dissipated before impact. Ray was drenched in green ectoplasm and naturally complained. Winston yelled at him to get back to work.


  • Soundwave creates manifestations of three of his Mini-Cassettes, Ravage, Laserbeak, and Buzzsaw. They were smaller Decepticons who transformed into analog audio cassettes stored in Soundwave's chest and were used to conduct special missions like espionage.
    • The real Laserbeak had a cameo in Issue #1.



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