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Not to be confused with the Mini Pufts in IDW comics.

Mini-Pufts are small humanoid marshmallow men, that are somewhat the same in shape as the mascot on Stay Puft Marshmallows packaging. They appear in the Walmart in the Summerville area.


They look cute, but are quite destructive. They tend to not think before acting, and don't care about their or others of their kind's well-being.


While Mr. Grooberson was at the local Walmart getting some Jamoca ice cream and a bottle of blue velvet frosting, a bag of Stay Puft Marshmallows started moving on the shelf like something was in it. Grooberson stopped and looked at the still moving bag. To his shock, a little marshmallow critter came out of the bag. He went to touch it, but the little guy bit Grooberson as a group of the little terrors ran into his foot with a Roomba. The next thing Grooberson knew, he saw a bunch of them on and around a grill, some being cooked. Elsewhere, a bunch of them had gotten hold of a blowtorch and made s'mores out of one of their comrades.

List of the Mini Pufts

  • Biting puft (he joins the ones on the roomba)
  • Group of (9) on the roomba
  • (2) Wrestling Pufts
  • Sexy pose Puft
  • Drooling Puft
  • Roasting stick holding Puft
  • (2) Roasting stick victim Pufts
  • Grilled Puft
  • (2) Spectator Pufts (at grill)
  • (Many in bowl) Bobbing Puft heads
  • Spectator Puft (s'mores scene)
  • Being s'mored Puft
  • (4) Blowtorch guiding Pufts



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