The Mini Pufts [1] are the bowel movement remnants of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man.


In an alternate timeline, the Ghostbusters chose not to cross the streams. As a result, the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man took over the city. The Mini Pufts it excreted posed an ongoing problem for the Ghostbusters. They were slightly sentient and highly aggressive. As time went on, they barely followed Stay Puft's orders. Ever time they blew one up, the marshmallow goo always inexplicably drenched Ray Stantz. Peter Venkman thought it was karmic retribution. 31 days later, the Ghostbusters finished blowing up Mini Pufts. The last acted like a ninja and like clockwork, was blown up and Ray was covered in its goop. The Ghostbusters agreed to help Gozer get rid of its Stay Puft form and came up with an idea to send it back at time. They gathered at 55 Central Park West. Sensing their impending destruction, all of the Mini Pufts stormed the roof. The Ghostbusters defended Stay Puft while Tempore Ruga sent it back in time. Dana Barrett, in half Terror Dog form, helped destroy the Mini Pufts. Gozer returned back in to the point where it was fighting the Ghostbusters initially. The timeline corrected itself and the Mini Pufts were erased from existence.

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