The Miniature Slime Blower is a compact and much more portable version of the Slime Blower.


During Day of the Dead, the Ghostbusters encountered a projection of Santa Muerte. After trapping two off shoot projections, the original still remained. Egon Spengler brought out the Miniature Slime Blower and doused the projection in pink positively charged Psychomagnotheric Slime. It worked and the projection flew away.

During the Tiamat incident, it was determined the Terror Birds were still in possession of Dana Barrett and Louis Tully. After they refused to strip their clothes off, Egon doused them in slime with the Miniature Slime Blower. Instead of ejecting the Terror Birds, the slime only awakened them from their dormancy.

During an incident in the R&D laboratory, Ray attempted to blast the Chi-You possessed Winston Zeddemore with the blower. Chi-You ducked the slime stream at the last second and knocked Ray out.

Miniature Slime Blowers were handed out to 101 Cadets during the mission to neutralize the Manhattan network of Ley Lines long enough for the Ghostbusters to capture the Bronx Spook. Garrett Parker was one of the cadets that used one.


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