Mink Coat is a haunted luxurious, full-length, white mink fur coat.


Primary Canon

During New Year's Eve 1989, New York City was being invaded by ghosts and inundated with Psychomagnotheric Slime. The slime oozed up from below the city and formed puddles on the sidewalk. A rich woman wearing a large mink fur coat accidentally stepped into a puddle of the pink slime. As a result the dead minks in her coat came back to life and tried to attack the unfortunate rich lady. The woman screamed in terror and after a few moments trying to dodge the snapping minks, managed to take the coat off. She dropped it to the ground and the coat scampered down the sidewalk screaming and hissing at bystanders.

Behind the Scenes

The Mink Coat was filmed at night on the sidewalk in Los Angeles outside the Biltmore Hotel. Tim Lawrence and his crew developed four different coats that actuated by radio controlled servos, hand puppeteering and cable-pull mechanisms. A white fur was envisioned and was the basis for the coat, heads, and legs. After everything was scuplted and cast in foam latex, mechanics finished, actor fitted, and harness was finished, a film test was sent to Ivan Reitman 10 days before the shoot. Reitman was fine with the test but asked why the coat was white. The crew scrambled and redid the coat with darker fur in time for the shoot.[1][2] The master coat was the version where all the heads could react. Close-up heads were shot as inserts.[3]



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Ghostbusters II

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Real Ghostbusters Starring in Ghostbusters II

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