Not to be confused with Boris Mealey from The Real Ghostbusters

Mitch the Photographer [1] is a professional hired by Jack Hardemeyer to photograph the New Ghostbusters.


For his first order of business as Paranormal Contracts Oversight Commission liaison to the New Ghostbusters, Jack Hardemeyer scheduled a photo shoot at the Firehouse and made them wear 'special' jumpsuits. After Janine Melnitz and Kylie Griffin voiced their reservations, Mitch began taking shots. Mitch took team and individual shots, incorporating various pieces of equipment like the P.K.E. Meter, Proton Pack, Trap and Slime Blower. Even Kylie's cat, Pagan got in a shot or two.



IDW Comics


  1. Jack Hardemeyer (2013). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters Volume 2 Issue #2" (2013) (Comic p.2). Jack says: "Look, if you're afraid of cellulite or something, I can assure you that Mitch airbrushes all the photos before application."
  2. Erik Burnham Tumblr New Ghostbusters 2 Commentary
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