Mohrus [1] is an Egyptian river demon-pharoah.


Dr. Sallah Achmed uncovered the tomb of Mohrus and planned to raise his master's soul and body with a human sacrifice, Egon Spengler. Once satiated, Mohrus would conquer the world. A few months later, Peter Venkman and Winston Zeddemore came in Egon's place. Peter and Winston walked right into Achmed's trap and were hoisted up nine feet in a net. They were chained to a stone pillar.

Dr. Achmed donned ceremonial robes and ranted and raved at them. After about a half-hour, Achmed opened the lid on Mohrus' sarcophagus. Peter managed to free himself and Winston. Peter recalled Egon's notes and instructed to pull at a bandage and pull in counter-clockwise. Mohrus became anxious and pleaded them to stop but they unwinded Mohrus' bandages and reduced him to a pile of dust.


Marvel Comics Ltd- The Real Ghostbusters Series


  1. Dr. Sallah Achmed (1989). Marvel Comics Ltd- The Real Ghostbusters Series- "The Real Ghostbusters 64" (1989) (Comic p.11). Achmed says: "As you can no doubt see from the hieroglyphs on the walls of the serdab we are now entering, the supplications to the river demon Mohrus were made in the form of tessellated stone tokens and not papyrus ribons, and all the counter-beneficiary adorations were performed with the aid of topaz-and-garnet decorated Thulking straps, not with reed wands as is more commonly recorded in pre-dynastic mausoleums."


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