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Not to be confused with Ecto-Suit

The Molecular Destabilizing Suit was used by Egon Spengler, and later Eduardo Rivera, to travel within the Containment Unit. It made it possible by destabalizing the molecular density of the host of the suit.[1][2]


The suit was used by Egon during a Christmas season. Among its features, it was tied to the Containment Unit platform rails, with a cord connecting to the back area of the suit. When the system was opened, he turned on the Molecular Destabilizing feature, destabalizing his molecular density. He goes in and after a long search finds the ghosts. He then sees that other ghosts are starting to be aware of his being there. He turns on rockets at the bottom of his feet on his heels. Egon with the three Christmas ghosts on his back fly towards the Containment trap door. After they get out, Egon for a second starts going through the floor of the basement. He turns off the Molecular Destabilizing feature, leaving him in a solid state.

In 1997, Egon planned to don the suit once more to extract Slimer from the Containment Unit. However, he was attacked by Fenris. Roland Jackson elected to wear the suit but Eduardo went instead. The suit was heavily damaged in the extraction attempt due in part to Slimer attacking and later saving Eduardo.

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