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In "Monkey See, Monkey Don't", Rudy sees an organ grinder with a monkey and gets the bright idea to go into business for himself, employing a certain green ghost.[2]




The Organ Grinder and The Monkey


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Rudy and Slimer stopped at a 'Large Hot Dogs' vendor. Slimer ordered one with everything in it. However, the man charged $1.50 instead of $0.75 because Slimer was a ghost. He told the duo they had an hour to pay or he would call the police. Slimer imagined himself in jail and was worried. Rudy spied a man, his organ grinder, and pet monkey steal a wallet. Rudy got an idea. Rudy put together his own organ grinder and got Slimer to be his monkey in exchange for ice cream. The organ grinder was not happy to see competition and sent the monkey to sabotage Rudy. The monkey flipped the 'Uncool' switch and the bad music sent people away. Rudy hit the emergency kill switch and realized what the problem was. He hit the 'Cool' switch and Slimer raked in the money with his dancing prowess.

The organ grinder complained to a police officer that Rudy had an illegal monkey. Rudy insisted Slimer was a ghost not a monkey. The police officer wanted to take them to talk with his sergeant but Rudy inquired about a book that could explain the difference between monkeys and ghosts. The officer pulled out his police manual and realized Slimer was a ghost. Rudy then hinted towards the organ grinder and the officer saw a theft in progress. The grinder insisted his pet was a dog but the monkey pointed out the monkey entry in the police manual. The officer arrested them and they marched away. Rudy and Slimer continued to entertain the crowd.


Announcer: This is the naked city. What? We can't say "naked" in a cartoon?!? This is the scantilly-clad city. There are a million stories here. This is only one of the dumber ones.


  • The episode was recorded on July 20, 1988.[3]
  • One of the episode's writers, Michael Gross, was a producer of the first two Ghostbusters movies.
  • The opening narration makes a jab at Broadcast Standards & Practices when the narrator is seemingly told in mid-sentence that he can't use the word "naked", questions it, and uses "scantily clad" instead.
  • There is a photo of Slimer in the ghost entry of the police manual.

Animation Errors


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