Monsieur Lucien[2][3] is a Parisian government official sent to hire the Ghostbusters to clean up the Eiffel Tower.


After Eiffel's containment system was damaged, the ghosts trapped in the Eiffel Tower were free and scared off all the tourists. In order to prevent a national catastrophe, Lucien was dispatched to the U.S.A. to hire the Ghostbusters and pay them whatever they wanted. After some deliberation, the guys agreed. For two days, they and Lucien toured around Paris without going near the tower.[4]

Once the Ghostbusters entered the tower, Lucien stayed below at base camp to provide them support over the radio. At Egon's request, Lucien had power restored to the tower so the Ghostbusters could ascend to the top in the fastest manner possible. Lucien soon assumed the worse when the new electrical console was smashed by a ghostly guillotine. However, he was elated when Ray Stantz came up with a plan to broadcast the ghosts right into the Containment Unit.


Lucien is a prim and proper little Frenchman, who looks somewhat like Albert Finneys version of "Hercule Poirot"



The Real Ghostbusters


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