Morganan[1] is a deal-making demon.


Morganan makes deals with humans and grants them a power. He and an Imp appeared to Cubby after a Class 5 Summoning was performed. After hearing Cubby's bizarre wish, Morganan managed to give him the power of making anything disappear, however he also could bring back anything he made disappear.

The Imp spread word of Morganan's abnormal client and his request. As a result, Morganan became the laughing stock of the entire Underworld. He brought the Ghostbusters to the Underworld to ask for help in getting Cubby to break his contract. Morganan explained that if they can trick Cubby into returning everything the way it was, he could strip Cubby of the power. After the Ghostbusters succeeded, Morganan thanked them and cryptically stated he was in their debt. It appears that Morganan planned to occasionally visit Cubby in his asylum cell and torture him with chickens, mainly by providing it for his meals.


  • Morganan claims he is "one of the greatest demons."
  • Morganan dresses like another of DiC animation's famous characters, Inspector Gadget.
  • Morganan has the standard demonic features: horns, beard, tail, goatlike legs, but no wings. He can hover without any.
  • In Ghostbusters International #2, on page 5, in panel 2, the server with his back to the reader is visually based on Morganan when he poses as an orderly at the end of episode.[2]


The Real Ghostbusters


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