Mot [1] is a one of the Terror Birds, the male, who serves Tiamat.


In the springtime, Dana Barrett had an encounter with Tiamat. Mot sat to the right of Tiamat. When Dana tried to run away, the Terror Birds gave chase. Mot grabbed Dana's left leg with its beak and dragged her back. Tiamat continued with her inquiry. When Dana was released, the wound from the Terror Bird remained. Mot possessed Louis Tully after Tiamat kidnapped him from a bar. He greeted the Ghostbusters first and assured them there would be no transforming into a dog or anything like that then declared Tiamat would see them.

Once the Ghostbusters reached the roof, Mot appeared once more and taunted them for taking so long. Taking cues from his host, it advised the Ghostbusters to combine weight lifting with cardio for great results in half the time. Ron Alexander, Peter Venkman and Janine Melnitz got into a minor squabble about shooting him. The Terror Bird then warned them little disagreements are the cracks that form in team cohesion. Louis returned to normal after the Ghostbusters crossed the streams to defeat Tiamat. Mot appeared once more a couple weeks later after Egon Spengler sprayed positively charged pink Psychomagnotheric Slime on Louis. Egon and Kylie focused on extracting Mot from Louis first. Egon opened a Trap and captured it while Kylie watched the P.K.E. Meter. Once all traces of the Terror Bird's frequency were gone, Egon closed the Trap.


  • Mot's name is inspired by Tom Waltz, "Tom" backwards. [2]
    • Mot happens to also be the Ugaritic god of death.


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