The Motorized Desk is a mobile gasoline lawnmower-powered ghost trap invented by Professor Dweeb. It is designed to chomp or grab a target then eject them in a lead lined cage.


Professor Dweeb utilized the Motorized Desk to trap Slimer while he worked for Rudy's Messenger Service. However, Slimer unknowingly bypassed the door that elaborately triggered the desk. Once Slimer left, Dweeb accidentally set it off himself.

An anvil dropped on a jelly doughnut, the jelly landed on a scale, a Statue of Liberty figurine set off a rocket, the rocket knocked a bowling ball down a plank, the ball fell down a bucket, the bucket got some gears working, a string was pulled and the Motorized Desk was activated. After chasing Dweeb around in a circle, the desk launched a giant hand and grabbed him. It spit Dweeb and Elizabeth out in a small cage.




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