Mount Carmel Cemetery is a Roman Catholic cemetery in a Chicago suburb known to house the final resting place of a majority of those with Italian ancestry, including several organized crime figures like Al Capone.


Before anyone could stop him, Peter Venkman signed a two special deal with ABC Entertainment. For the first, the Ghostbusters would host a live show at Al Capone's tomb and confront his ghost at midnight. Peter, however, fabricated the legend Capone appears every 10 years at midnight and would have Louis Tully pose as the ghost. The sham angered the real ghost of Al Capone. He transported the Ghostbusters and Slimer to the Netherworld. In their place, Janine Melnitz and Louis continued the show while ABC experienced a surge in phone calls asking about the Ghostbusters. They returned to the cemetery just as the show ended. When everyone learned they were contracted for a second show, they chased Peter around the cemetery.


The Real Ghostbusters



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