Mr. Crook [1] is an employee of Bates CPA, PC.


The Bates CPA, PC staff were attacked by the ghost the the Five Points Killer in the springtime. Mr. Crook managed to make a call to the Ghostbusters and hid with a co-worker named Megan. However, they were soon discovered by the ghost. Kylie Griffin shot at the ghost and scared it off. As it flew up a floor, its victims were forcibly freed as they were pulled into the ceiling. Rookie and Kylie escorted the workers outside. After the ghost was caught, Kylie issued the invoice totaling $9098.75 to Crook but they were interrupted by some rain. Crook realized it was Blood Rain.


  • Mr. Crook visually based on Gareth Keenan, a character from the television series The Office (the original UK version)
  • Crook's name refers to the actor MacKenzie Crook who portrayed Gareth on The Office (UK)


IDW Comics


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