Mr. Okonjo [1] is a representative of the United Nations.


After the Ghostbusters captured the Werecat Ghost in the United Nations Building, they presented an invoice to Mr. Okonjo. He was infuriated to see a $15,000 surcharge because of an injury Egon Spengler suffered during the bust. Okonjo stated the United Nations was completely covered by the general contract with the city and owed nothing. Winston Zeddemore informed him the municipal coverage paid for trapping and storage but anything over and above was on the client to pay for. Peter Venkman offered him an installment plan or pay in a month. Okonjo refused to pass the invoice to his superiors and ripped it up. Erland Vinter interjected and paid the invoice with a blank check then revealed he wanted to consult with the Ghostbusters anyway on something else. Vinter and Okonjo returned into the building to finish a meeting.


IDW Comics


  1. Erland Vinter (2016). IDW Comics- "Ghostbusters International #1" (2016) (Comic p.11). Erland Vinter says: "I don't know if that's wise, Mr. Okonjo -- from what I understand, these men may consider refusal to pay as grounds to release the trapped ghost."


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