Mr. Parker is the late husband of Dr. Carla Parker and father of Garrett Parker.


Mr. Parker was recently diagnosed with cancer and couldn't spend as much time together with his son as he used to. Garrett had a hard time with the change. Carla spoke with Peter Venkman and they arranged for Garrett to join the pilot team of Ghostbusters 101 to help him cope. [1] [2] [3] While Garrett helped with neutralizing the Manhattan network of Ley Lines near the Washington Square Arch, the ghost of Mr. Parker called out to him and manifested. Garrett realized he died in the hospital. Mr. Parker recognized the irony that he didn't believe in ghosts and his current situation. Garrett contested the Ghostbusters already proved they do. Mr. Parker stated that's now how things worked but admitted the truth was hard to ignore now. He was glad they were right. Parker stated he was too weak to say goodbye the last time he saw Garrett and wanted to rectify it. He told his son he was a good man and was going to be watching over him. Parker then asked Garrett to hug his mother for him. Garrett noted she didn't like hugs. Parker was sure she wouldn't mind this one time. Parker could feel his time was up and told Garrett he had some work to get back to. He dispersed.


  • Garrett's father is visually based on Reginald VelJohnson.
  • Garrett's Ecto Goggles registered Mr. Parker with a reading of 16 MHz and and EMF of 15 to the 15th power.



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