Mr. Tummel[2] is an elite member of the Fortune 500 and elderly billionaire who attempts to transfer his wealth to the other side.[3]


After 80 years of hard work, Mr. Tummel decided he was not going to leave his wealth and assets to be split up among charities.[4] Consumed with greed, Tummel contracted a scientist to build a device that would allow him to transmit all of his wealth to the Netherworld, so he could hold onto it in death.

An elaborate laser system and pyramid structure were utilized to create a non-corporeal rupture and, as a result, an ecto surge of unprecedented danger. Tummel anticipated ghosts be able to cross over to the physical plane and had a Ecto Shield and two Particle Throwers built into his wheelchair. However, the nature of the rupture made the ghosts' ecto molecular structure unstable and threatened the world.

The Ghostbusters infiltrated his high rise building and attempted to stop him. Peter Venkman fooled Tummel into overloading the equipment by trying to transmit his building. Egon Spengler then activated a Ghost Trap in order to set off a feedback loop to jam the transmission and pull back the unstable ghosts. Tummel and his building was pulled into the Netherworld but his wealth was displaced and returned to the physical plane.



The Real Ghostbusters


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