Mr. Visitor is the father of Eugene Visitor.


When Eugene returned after his death and disappearance 20 years ago, Mr. Visitor contemplated calling the Ghostbusters but didn't. Eugene wasn't a ghost and Mr. Visitor missed his son. He kept Eugene's return a secret. Egon Spengler later questioned Mr. Visitor. Eugene heard Egon's voice and welcomed him inside Mr. Visitor's House. Mr. Visitor admitted it was wrong to keep Eugene's return a secret but missed his son dearly. Months later, in November, Eugene and Mr. Visitor watched an ABS News bulletin about the Megaspook. While Eugene believed this was the event Egon warned him about, Mr. Visitor thought the Ghostbusters would take care of the ghost on their own and joke about it. Eugene knew better and said his goodbyes to his father.



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