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Mr. Visitor's House is the personal residence of Mr. Visitor.


Egon Spengler drove alone to Mr. Visitor's House after he realized Eugene Visitor was the source of the prolonged surge in ambient psychokinetic energy. Mr. Visitor feigned ignorance at first but Eugene invited him in. Thinking him a ghost at first, Egon fired at him and shot up part of the kitchen instead. Eugene and Egon had a heated discussion about his temporal experience. Egon left the house with a problem he couldn't solve...yet. In November, Eugene finally realized what Egon was warning about and released Death on the front porch.


  • In Issue #8, there are several easter eggs throughout the home
    • Mr. Visitor's house is visually based on Mrs. Roger's House from "Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood"
    • On Page 15, there is a portrait of the Ghost Actors seen in the first panel. A Limburger's Special Recipe Mac & Cheese box references Charles Von Limburger's business from "The Hole in the Wall Gang"
    • On Page 16, the blue figure above Eugene's "Goodbye" dialogue bubble is one of the Hole Ghosts from "The Hole in the Wall Gang." This ghost was perched on Egon's head at one point in the episode.
    • On Page 18, Precious from "Mrs. Roger's Neighborhood" flies above the house.


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