Mrs. Potter[1] was a tenant at The Mercado Hotel in the 2016 movie.


Mrs. Potter called over Rowan North one day to report that some slime-like substance was leaking in her doorway, and that she had a rash. Rowan recognized her and asked how he could help her. She turned to the green Ectoplasm dripping down her doorway's frame and wanted to know what it was. Rowan pretended to inspect it. He lied and told her it was nothing more than some leakage from the hotel's air conditioning. She told him it touched her skin and it gave her a rash. She asked him if it looked right. She turned her back to him. Earl peered out from the rash in her back. Rowan only told her he saw some redness. She asked if it was very bad. Rowan told her it wasn't and assured her whoever was responsible for the leak would be flogged within an inch of their life and then left on the street to die like a pig. Mrs. Potter was taken aback and denied she asked for that. Rowan rescinded the promise and promised to send up some cream. He returned to the boiler room and asked who thought it would be funny to put Earl in Potter's back. He was concerned about their impatience and the guests' increasing complaints.


  • The movie's end credits correctly list her name as "Mrs. Potter" but the subtitle track erroneously lists her name as "Mrs. Ponner".
  • Mrs. Potter lives on the second floor between room 2202 and room 2208.
  • In the alternate extended scene Mrs. Potter, Mrs. Potter states she naps everyday from 4 to 7 pm.[2]


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