Mrs. Stone[2] (also known as Stoneface),[3] is a very tough woman and was one of the major antagonists on the Slimer! shorts of The Real Ghostbusters, along with Professor Dweeb, Elizabeth, Manx, and Bruiser. She occasionally teams up with Bruiser.


As her name would imply, Mrs. Stone is very tough. Despite her tough facade, she is nice at times. Since she is referred to as "Mrs.", she is presumably married, but her husband never appeared, possibly because she is widowed or divorced.


  • Head Nurse Nurse at the Metropolitan Hospital[4]
  • Lifeguard [5]
    • Ordered Bruiser to keep Fred off the beach.
  • School guard at Reitman Junior High School and is called "Stoneface" by the Junior Ghostbusters because she never smiles, until Slimer caused silly antics that made Mrs. Stone smile when she realized the positive attention everyone was giving her.[6]
  • Teaches at an obedience school that Fred goes to.[7]
  • A judge at the Canine Club Annual Dog Show (likely a volunteer position). [8]




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