Mrs. Van Hoffman[1][2] was a patron at the Sedgewick Hotel.


Mrs. Van Hoffman was hosting a midnight buffet for the East Side Theater Guild on the night that Slimer broke loose from his usual 12th floor dwelling. After the Ghostbusters shot a chandelier in the ballroom she reserved, it fell on a table and smashed it. The Hotel Manager heard the crash and became worried. Mrs. Van Hoffman turned her head. The Hotel Manager tried to stall for time. He assured Van Hoffman there was no problem with the room and it would be ready promptly, in time, as soon as her guests all arrived. After Peter Venkman and Egon Spengler threw a table aside, the noise it made could be heard outside. The manager excused himself and left Van Hoffman then walked back to the doors. Van Hoffman walked back to the woman and two men she came with. A brunette woman asked Van Hoffman what was going on. After Peter exited the ballroom triumphant, he briefly spoke to Van Hoffman and her friends then got out a blue notepad and pen from the pocket under his name tag and presented the $5000 bill to the manager.


  • Like the Hallway Bystander, Mrs. Van Hoffman was added during production and was never in any of the movie scripts.



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