Mrs. Van Huego[2] was a rich socialite who seemed to be a regular at the Sedgewick Hotel. She was Fred's owner, though she would call him by his proper name, "Ferdinand."


Mrs. Van Huego enrolled Fred at the Happy Tails Obedience School. Mrs. Van Huego's limousine happened to drive past Slimer on Fred's first day. He saw Fred in the rear pleading for help. Van Huego pulled Fred down and assured him he would have a wonderful time at the obedience school. After they arrived at Happy Tails Obedience School, Fred clung to the back seats then the passenger door but Van Huego managed to drag him to the school entrance. Mrs. Stone answered and promised to whip Fred into shape in no time. At the end of the day, Mrs. Van Huego arrived and Fred jumped into her arms. She promised to bring Fred back the next day. Stone and Bruiser assured her that wasn't necessary, Fred completed every course and fulfilled all the requirements for graduation. They handed Fred his diploma and boarded up the school in a hurry. Van Huego was proud of Fred and had the driver pop the trunk. It was filled with goodies for him. Slimer rubbed up against Mrs. Van Huego. She let Fred down so the "strange dog" could share his bone. Slimer and Fred happily nibbled on the bone.

Mrs. Van Huego said her goodbyes to Fred before she went off to socialize. She entrusted Fred to Morris Grout, manager of the Sedgewick. Van Huego held Fred up to Morris but instead of kissing him, Fred blew a raspberry. Van Huego was charmed and Morris restrained himself from choking Fred. Once Van Huego and Morris left, Slimer popped out of a portrait of Van Huego and cheered up Fred then invited him to the Ghostbusters' latest barbecue. For Slimer's park symphony, "Please, Mr. Postman" was sung by Chilly Cooper, with background vocals by Janine Melnitz and Mrs. Van Huego. Professor Dweeb and Elizabeth attempted to capture Slimer during the symphony and employed a new invention that turned anything it sprayed into rubber. Things didn't go as planned and Van Huego landed right on Dweeb. Dweeb's equipment went haywire and he bounced to astronomical heights.





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